Reviews for Break

“Break is an action packed and explosive thrill of a read. From the moment the story begins, you’ll get the heat, the suspense, and a whole lot of sexual tension. Author Tarra Blaize has created something that is short, hot, and devilishly sweet…The writing is fantastic and the characters are engaging. If you’re in the mood for something dark and sinful, this is exactly what you’re looking for.”

– Long and Short Reviews


Break is a wonderful erotic romance between an unapologetically bad blood demon and a feisty female. The rapport between Gethin and Layla is both playful and sensual. The dialogue is witty. Sexual double-entendres fly between the two of them. Gethin does become a kinder, gentler demon toward the end of the story but Layla and readers will fall in love with his early bad boy persona. Break is a fun, yet spicy, paranormal romance.

– Fallen Angel Reviews


“Gethin is the breath of fresh air I needed… For that alone, I loved this book. Add in a realistic heroine who holds her own, and Tarra Blaize has gotten a new fan in me.”

– The Good, the Bad, and the Unread


“These little Angel & Demon novellas are like appetizers, highly enjoyable, but leaving me wanting so much more. Teases! Break: Angels and Demons was like a short little peek into a world I want to immerse myself. What a wonderful way to be introduced to Ms. Blaize are her skills, I can’t wait to read more. PNR Fans don’t pass up this novella. Around 50 or so pages it is a quickie that you will find quite enjoyable instead of lacking for duration. Restricted to a certain word length, Blaize expertly crafted a PNR world within a few short pages and wrote a sexy little number that you should be pleased with.”




Break was an interesting story to read one afternoon. It had a sexy, powerful demon who was sex on a stick, a conflicted heroine who lusted after him yet was determined to save her sibling… This is a “new to me” author and one that penned an intriguing story that had me up till the wee hours of the night. Tight writing, fast paced storyline, sexual tension you could cut with a knife all rolled up within the pages of Break.

Break is a quick, hot story that pulls you in with interesting characters, fast paced storyline and some panties melting sex scenes that will leave you panting. I really enjoyed Ms. Blaize’s introduction to this wonderful world and hope she continues to deliver more stories set in it in the future. I am looking forward to more from this talented author. If you enjoy a quick paranormal story to get you hot, then try Break. It will draw you in and spit you out with a self-satisfied smile on your face.

– Love Romances and More


“This was a fun read. I loved Gethin, he was a great character. Layla was wonderful as lead too. But Gethin really pulled me in. He’s very wicked and that was hard resist. Break has a lot of fast action and was a steamy good read. Ms. Blaize has created a dark and enticing story, I look forward to reading her future releases.”

Anna’s Book Blog


“From the start, this is an exciting book with a strong heroine who will do anything to protect someone she loves. It packs a hell of a punch, drawing you in and keeping you interested until you’ve read the entire book without taking a single break. The growing relationship between Layla and Gethin was great as well, considering you never truly know everything about a person until it’s too late. As for the ending, it was an absolute favourite of mine.

– Becca, CoffeeTimeRomance